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One Time Pick-ups

Your Group can order and pick up

Agnes' Portuguese Sweet Bread

and sell door-to-door.

Just book a date

with our Fundraising Department

to pick up our Sweet Bread.

There is no minimum order, but

there are some limitations on the

numbers of loaves that can

be picked up in any given day.

Payment would be due

at the time of pick up.

Malassada Sales

A great way to raise money with

Agnes' products is to have a

Malassada Sale!

We can set you up with the supplies

and malassada batter for you to fry

and sell at your function.

We'll even provide training

for your group!

Ticket Sales

Your Group can sell tickets to be

redeemed right at our Bake Shop.

We find that

Agnes' Portuguese Sweet Bread

sells well and gives great profit!

You could also sell our Portuguese  

Sweet Bread Rolls or Potato Bread

Rolls. Even Malassadas!

We will make a master coupon free

for your group. You can take the

master to a quick print shop,

and distribute the tickets to your group to sell. The tickets are then

redeemable at our shop. Then, on a

weekly basis, you can come in to

pay for the tickets that

have been redeemed.

We have helped with hundreds of fundraisers for schools and many organizations over the years.

You can sell almost any item we make, but most groups will do one of the following: